Book Review: Same Kind of Different As Me

August 2, 2010 // Book Reviews

We asked the Summit Staff Team to dish a few good reads they would recommend to everyone and got a great response. One we’d like to share comes from Summit Elder David Baber.

Book Title: Same Kind of Different as Me

Author: Ron Hall & Denver Moore

On a scale of 1 to 5 how would you rate the book in…

  • Quality: 4. True Story, Quick Read, and a great testimony of how God moved in a believer’s life.
  • Usability: 5. Hard to beat a true story for dependability.  Reaches any audience concerned with plight of abjectly poor in US.
  • Relevancy: 5. True story in US South dealing with racial and homeless issues.  Good introductory read for a small group considering deeper involvement/commitment for homeless beyond serving hot soup at soup kitchen  1 or 2x per year.
  • Creativity: 5.  It’s definitely Outside the box when you sacrifice your life processes to help homeless people group.
  • Theologically Sound: 3. I’m not really an expert here and its not that it is weak or anything, its just not a deep theological work. It’s a pretty cool and challenging story though.

You can probably get a better review via an on line book review forum, but it is a NY Times Bestseller. For me, the book revealed 2 perspectives of homelessness in modern day US that I was totally ignorant of.

  1. Homeless person who “lived”  in the woods and in and out of public temp housing.  Until God led him to see that his problem was more a non-relational problem vs housing issue, he was content to live in back seats of cars, woods, abandoned homes, etc.
  2. Affluent American.  God transformed an affluent art dealer from an interested believer to a concerned, committed believer who loved the homeless as much as he did himself.

The book is an emotionally charged book as well, but not in a chick-flick kind of way.  The art dealer’s wife was the facilitator of the art dealer’s life change, but in the process develops cancer and dies.

You do not read this book to gain a model of how to be involved in solving homelessness, rather you read it to understand the personall commitment necessary plus witnessing the interweaving of the Gospel  in 2 men’s lives.