Apologetics Course Part 2: Science & Religion

June 20, 2014 // Classes

The video from the “Science and Religion” talk, as part of the recent Apologetics series hosted by The Summit Institute, is provided here in this post for viewing.  The talk is given by Summit member Neil Shenvi, a research scientist in the Department of Chemistry at Duke University. Other talks from the four-week series (April 29th-May 20th, 2014) will continue to be provided here on the website.  See the “Comparative Religion” talk by Scott Hildreth, from week 3 of the series, here.

In this “Science and Religion” talk, Neil seeks to help the audience wrestle with the perceived contradiction between faith and science.  He points out the popularity of this topic, especially for those in university settings, stating that people “will often hear that science is completely opposed to religion, for various reasons.  Scientists claim to answer all the questions that were once answered by religion.”  Using his expertise in science, Neil argues that there are “no good reasons to think that science and religion are incompatible, but there are actually good scientific reasons to believe that God actually exists.”  He lays the foundation for considering arguments for and against God’s existence from the scientific perspective, which thus allows for discussion of the claims and identity of Christ and the God of Scripture to take place.

Neil frames the talk by first providing some basic definitions of science, then examining four areas of claimed conflict between science and religion.  Following that, he argues for positive reasons to believe in the existence of God based on scientific evidence.  Finally, Neil asks, “If there is good evidence to believe that God exists…why are there so many atheist Scientists, why is God seemingly hidden from so many people?”  For Neil, this is where the gospel, Christianity, can now come into the discussion.  Ultimately, issues of the heart are at play, not science, when people reject Christ.  Keeping the gospel in view, Neil states that the goal of his talk is to help remove obstructions between faith and science for both non-Christians and Christians: for the former, so that they can take Christianity more seriously, and for the latter, so they can live more confidently in their Christian faith.

We hope you enjoy this resource and that it provokes further research and consideration on the issues of faith and science:


Apologetics Part 2 – Neil Shenvi – Is it either/or or both/and? from The Sam James Institute on Vimeo.