Frequently Asked Questions

Summit Ministry Apprenticeship

Men: If the apprenticeship includes men and women, will I really be trained to be a pastor?

Absolutely. Pastoral development is our bread and butter (check out our alumni). You’ll get to see pastors in action, you’ll hold pastoral-type responsibility, you’ll be trained to preach, you’ll sit in on elder meetings, and you’ll be taught how to lead the church.

Women: Will I be specifically prepared for ministry as a woman?

You will. You’ll be mentored by female Summit staff members who will help you learn how to fulfill your calling to ministry. You’ll be trained to teach and will be developed as a leader alongside the men.

Will men and women be trained together?

When the training content is appropriate for both men and women (such as leadership), you will train together. When it is wiser to train in separate groups (e.g., preaching vs. teaching), you will be in separate groups.

How will I be prepared for my next step?

Throughout the program, you’ll meet with your mentors and the program director to help you clarify your unique gifts and calling in ministry. Résumé planning and interview coaching will help prepare you to launch into your next stage of ministry with a solid plan.

What should I expect at the end of the program?

You should expect to be well qualified to step into full-time vocational ministry, which will look different for each apprentice. You’ll be well positioned to compete for full-time ministry jobs, including those available at The Summit Church, but we can’t promise job placement at program’s end. Our desire is to train you and help you take your next step in ministry—wherever that is.

What does The Summit Church believe?

Check out our Beliefs page.

Can I work part-time?

You can, but part-time employment must not conflict with your apprentice responsibilities.

What about housing?

We don’t provide housing, but if you’re considering a theological degree, you can find comfortable and very affordable housing in a great part of the Triangle through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. They offer everything from single apartment living to family townhouse accommodations, and they are located within driving distance of several of our campuses. There are lots of scholarships available, so if you plan on pursuing a theological degree, you should check them out.

I’m intrigued. How do I learn more?

Great! Fill out an interest form, and one of our team members will connect with you.