Frequent Questions

Summit Ministry Internship

Could I work part time as an intern? What about school?

Yes. SMI is designed to complement a theological education and enables you to work a flexible, part-time job.

What would my weekly responsibilities entail?

Your schedule will vary based on your area of responsibility, but generally you can expect to invest five hours in weekend services, five hours during the week, and two hours in intern training.

Is the internship open to women?

Yes. Throughout history God has called women to lead in significant ways. As a church we believe the office of elder/pastor is reserved for men only but women can and should hold a litany of other important leadership positions within the church.

If you are a woman who feels called to church ministry, we’d love to be in contact with you. For more explanation of Summit’s position on this question, check out Pastor J.D.’s blog here and a statement from our elders here.

What does The Summit Church believe?

Check out our Beliefs page.

Is housing provided?

Housing is not provided at this time.

What should I expect at the end of my internship?

You should expect to possess valuable ministry experience, a meaningful relationship with a Summit staff member, a better understanding of church ministry, and a clearer sense of your calling. You’ll work with your supervisors to determine appropriate next steps upon completion of the internship, one of which may be application to the Summit Ministry Apprenticeship.

I’m intrigued. How do I apply?

Great! Click here to start the process.