Whole Story Resources: Ezra

July 5, 2016 // Guides

This week, we are reading some of the history books from the period after Israel’s Exile. Ezra and Nehemiah record the story of rebuilding Jerusalem decades after initial destruction. Along with physical renewal, these two history books describe spiritual renewal that goes along with it. Esther, on the other hand (along with Daniel), give pictures of what life looks like among the pagan people that captured so many Israelites.

Included in this 2 page overview of Ezra is a map of post-exilic Judea and surrounding areas that will be very helpful for your reading in this time period. This was contributed by Michal Rudolph, one of Summit’s experienced Bible teachers, a mother of 4, and wife to a directional elder (Chris Rudolph). Here is what you need for reading Ezra: The Whole Story-Ezra