Apologetics Course Part 3: Comparing the Major Religions

June 9, 2014 // Classes

“Comparative Religion” talk by Scott Hildreth is the 3rd session in the Apologetics training series.  Scott spent many years ministering among peoples of different cultures and major religions.  He is an elder of the Summit Church and the Director of the Center for Great Commission Studies.

In this video, Scott takes a quick look at the history of some of the major religions.  From there, he compares how each religion answers basic questions about Faith, Hope, and love.  This unique approach makes for a memorable introduction to the claims of other religions.  A Christian watching this video will have a greater sense for questions to ask and comments to make as she/he has conversations with friends and neighbors from other faiths.

Here is the video from May 13th 2014:

Apologetics Part 3 from The Sam James Institute on Vimeo.

Looks for the other parts of the Apologetics series will appear here as they are made available.  Check back soon!