Frequent Questions

What if I’m… a college student?

College students or soon-to-be graduates should check out Internships or Summit College Staff.

…a seminary student?

Check out Internships and Apprenticeships. You can gain up to 27 hours of seminary credit through our training.



…in the marketplace?

Check out Gospel and Work Cohorts. We plan to add new leadership development opportunities in the future for people who want to live leverage their lives for mission in the marketplace.

…headed overseas?

Inquire about the International Church Planting Cohort.

…a pastor?

Check out Residencies.

I’m not sure if I’m called to vocational ministry. Are these opportunities for me?

Right now most of our Apprenticeships and Residencies are designed for people pursuing vocational ministry. If you’re exploring a call to vocational ministry, Internships are a great place to start. If you just want to find a way to better use your gifts to serve the church, check out Cohorts or explore the Equipping Disciples and Engaging Culture arms of Summit Institute to discover other opportunities. We plan to add new opportunities in the future for people who want to leverage their lives for mission in the marketplace.

I’m interested in missions but not sure if I’m called to go overseas. Where should I start?

Check out the Summit’s Missions Training Pipeline. You’ll find opportunities for every stage of engagement, from those who want to learn more about how to live as a global Christian to those sensing a call to missions or international church planting.

I’m exploring a call to ministry but I’m not sure yet.  What should I do?

The local church is the best place to have your calling to ministry clarified and affirmed.  A great first step is to dive into the local church through serving, small group & membership.  In addition our Ministry Internship is designed to help you explore a call to vocational ministry through hands on experience and pastoral mentorship.