Engage Culture

Believers are tempted to respond to secular culture in one of two ways: assimilate or avoid. The Bible offers a better approach. Jesus makes it clear that disciples are sent into culture just as he was (John 17:18). But for what purpose? Disciples are sent into culture not to conform to it, but to be agents of light and change within it (Rom. 12:2, Matthew 5:16). Instead of avoiding culture in fear or assimilating to it in indulgence, the gospel empowers disciples to lovingly engage it and even shape it for the glory of God and the common good of society.

Here are some TSI resources to help you better engage culture:


Classes are specialized teaching times designed to help believers learn how to effectively engage prominent cultural topics like race, sexuality, politics, music, art, and more. Classes vary in length and last 1-2 hours per session. Each class involves a blend of teaching, workshops, and take-home material. Locations vary depending on the class.

Forums & Debates

Forums & Debates are corporate gatherings designed to help believers explore prominent cultural topics like race, sexuality, politics, music, art, and more through the lens of the Gospel. Forums & Debates can last anywhere from 1-3 hours per event, and involves a blend of teaching, Q&A, and take-home material. Locations vary depending on the event.

Gospel & Work

The Gospel has as much to say about what you do Monday to Friday as it does on Sunday morning. At the Institute, we want to equip you to work at your jobs faithfully, creatively, and in a way that honors God. In the next year, we are providing classes, forums, a conference, vocationally specific groups, and an evangelistic challenge to help you live your faith at work.

Gospel & Work Cohorts

Gospel & Work Cohorts provide connection opportunities for believers working in the same industry. Each cohort has a point-person and a regular meeting time where members offer one another support, encouragement, and accountability as they strive to be excellent and missional in their particular workplace. 

Summit Marketplace Intensive

Coming 2018

The Summit Marketplace Intensive (SMI) is a 10 week experience designed to create opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals to explore in community the intersection of faith and work. While engaging with other marketplace professionals, participants will be equipped to see how the gospel not only informs ‘why’ we work but also ‘how’. In addition participants will have the opportunity to interact with leaders from a variety of fields who have successfully integrated their faith and work. 

Gospel & Work Resources

This is a 3 week class that outlines a Biblical perspective on our jobs and vocations. Much more than earning a paycheck, our jobs offer a unique opportunity for Christians to affect culture, serve others, and glorify God. But so much of our work can feel like drudgery, part of a broken system designed to drain away our life. What God has said about our work can transform our perspective and give us a purpose for how we spend our days M-F.