TSI Seminar: A Christian Perspective On Mental Illness

October 17, 2014 // Forums

This Summit Institue forum aims to equip disciples with a Christian perspective on mental illness.

This is an issue that for many people is a very real part of everyday life that affects us, our loved ones, and our culture at large. Yet many of us struggle to understand the many factors that contribute to mental illness. Is the cause strictly biological? Is it primarily spiritual? The Summit Church and the Sam James Institute want to equip local believers with the knowledge of how to engage this issue in our local communities from a Christian perspective.

In these videos, Summit Church Pastor, Brad Hambrick, teaches the steps for developing a proper Christian perspective. By rethinking the questions we are asking when we approach mental illness we can learn how to be humble in how we engage. By defining key terms and getting comfortable with how we use them we can have the knowledge to assess each situation more carefully. Finally, a panel of professionals from the various fields discuss the subject of mental illness.


Christian Perspective on Mental Illness Part 1 from The Sam James Institute on Vimeo.

For the full article including the reference charts please follow this link.


Christian Perspective on Mental Illness Part 2 Panel Discussion from The Sam James Institute on Vimeo.

If you would like to know the biographical information of each of the panel members you can find out here.

One of the final questions in this panel discussion involved the panelists recommending books. Below is a list of the books they recommended and a few they wished later they had added to the list.