TSI Forum: Gospel and Politics

February 18, 2016 // Forums

On Tuesday, February 16th, The Sam James Institute hosted Pastor J.D. Greear and the authors of “One Nation Under God: a Christian Hope for American Politics.” The book, and the panel discussion, were both designed to help Christians navigate the political climate of our culture today. For the most part, candidates and issues took a back seat to principles and guidelines that can help Christians in all political parties work for good in the American political system.

Pastor J.D. gave a 15 minute introduction where he attacked four myths common to Christians and their relationship to the political sphere. Myth #1 is that secondary political matters are of 1st importance; #2 Christian truth does not have any place in politics; #3 there is never a time for the church to make a firm political stand; #4 We see everything clearly. Pastor J.D. also gave a couple of examples of how the Gospels did address political involvement.

J.D. Greear then moderated a panel for 3 contributors (the authors and a consulting editor) to the book “One Nation Under God.” Dr. Bruce Ashford is the provost of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Walter Strickland is on staff at SEBTS and is an author and theology instructor. Chris Pappalardo is a PhD candidate in Missions and a lead researcher at the Summit Church. The panel gave insight into how to approach political involvement from a variety of political, but consistently gospel-centered, viewpoints.