First Love Sermon Series: Small Group Guide & Resources (Week 3)

April 18, 2013 // Guides

Small Group Guide and Video

Here is the PDF of the First Love Small Group Guide.  This week’s lesson (week 3) focuses on the keys to Communication that we see in Ephesians chapter 4.  “Speaking the truth in love” is a phrase that carries a tremendous amount of wisdom, but takes practice to do well.  However, this is a crucial part of communicating in relationships in a way that helps each other mature in our character.

The sermon for week 3 will dig deeper on Friendship.  Being a good friend is one of the best skills in life, but it is becoming a lost art in our culture.  Friendship is also the best thing to look for in a potential spouse, because that is what will sustain a lifelong relationship.  For more on this, check out this video of the Wiggins talking about communication in their marriage:

“First Love” Small Groups – Week 3 from Equip on Vimeo.


Additional Resources

The resources that we’d like to point you to for supplementing this study come from two skilled counselors:  Brad Hambrick and Ken Sande.  Readers of the TSI website will be very familiar with Hambrick, so we’ll start with an introduction to Ken Sande.  Ken works in a ministry called “Relational Wisdom” and has been involved with conflict resolution for over 30 years.  Some of this has been in the form of international mediation and reconciliation, but more recently he has shifted his ministry toward personal relationships.  He has resources for conflict resolution, conflict prevention, forgiveness, and other topics to help keep your relationships strong.

Here is the website for Relational Wisdom.   We specifically recommend a book called Peacemaking for Families and an article called “The Slippery Slope of Conflict.”

And here are some resources from Brad Hambrick:

Seminar on Communication in a Gospel-Centered Marriage (specifically videos 1-3)

Personal evaluations on listening and day-to-day communication.

Blogs on having difficult conversations, the mechanics of listening well, and the difference between talking at and talking to a friend or spouse.

Weekly Challenge

Go on a information hunt with a close friend or spouse.  You may have known this person for decades, but your challenge this week is to find out something about them that you did not know.  Listen, ask, talk, and repeat until you get to something that is new.  Also, for a bonus, get them to tell you a story that you’ve never heard before.  Listen all the way through, only interrupting to ask for more information.