First Love Sermon Series: Small Group Guide & Resources (Week 6)

May 12, 2013 // Guides


Below is the video for week 6 of the First Love series.  You can find the PDF of the entire small group guide from previous weeks.  Michelle and Chris Gaynor describe how intimacy is enhanced in the marriage relationship.  The advice given to maintain a high-level of relational intimacy is applicable for lots of different relationships.  Enjoy their wisdom:

“First Love” Small Groups – Week 6 from Equip on Vimeo.

Additional Resources

The resources we are providing to supplement this week’s study cover some very sensitive topics.  Thus, most of the articles we are putting in front of you are “in house” resources.  But first, if you want the right theological perspective on Sex and Romance, check out these titles:

The Celebration of Sex, by Doug Rosenau

Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God, by C.J. Maheny

Pastor Greear gives a direct plea for engaged or dating couples to refrain from living together in the week 6 sermon.  For more on that issue, watch this video from Brad Hambrick’s blog.

For anyone confronting sexual sin, we recommend the following resources:

Those trying to overcome sexual sin in their own lives, give some attention to  the “false love” resource.  Those who have been affected by someone else’s sexual sin, please pour over the “true betrayal” resource.  You also might be interested in the article, “Is Pornography Grounds for Divorce.”

For thoughts on enhancing your marriage, see these resources:

On complimenting your spouse

On writing meaningful and romantic letters to your spouse

On dealing with self-centered tendencies in your marriage.

Lastly, for a longer treatment of the topic of intimacy as it relates to same-sex attraction, please see this video.

Weekly Challenge

1.  For married couples-  click on the link above called “romantic letters.”  Read through the benefits of this activity and then write a long and meaningful letter to your spouse.  Find or create a romantic moment to give this letter to the love of your life.

2.  For anyone-  take out your personal calendar and schedule time for an extended time of prayer and personal devotion to God.  Block out two hours on a Saturday, or an entire day to meet with the Lord privately.  Read his Word, pray through your deepest dreams and your greatest fears, worship him in your own way.  We recommend going somewhere that you don’t normally go to pray.  And DO NOT spend most of this time checking email on your phone.