“From the Beginning” Series: Small Group Guides

April 12, 2015 // Guides

The weekend of April 11-12, 2015 marked the start of a new series at the Summit.  Pastor J.D. Greear covers the following topics as part of the “From the Beginning” series:

  • The power of sex.
  • Singleness and dating.
  • Same-sex attraction.
  • Lifelong commitment, and how to avoid divorce.
  • A lost emphasis in our culture… friendship.

Check back here every week for small group guides that you can use for individual study or group use to go along with the sermons.  Here is week 1 to go along with the sermon on sex, the weekend of April 11-12:

From the Beginning, part 1

Here is week 2 to go along with the sermon on romance, the weekend of April 18-19:

From the Beginning, part 2

Here is week 3 guide to go along with the sermon on homosexuality, the weekend of April 25-26:

From the Beginning, part 3

Here is the week 4 guide to go along with the sermon on divorce and remarriage, the weekend of May 2-3:

From the Beginning, part 4

Here is the week 5 guide, along with a devotional from Elyse Fitzpatrick, to go along with the Mother’s Day sermon, the weekend of May 9-10:

From the Beginning, part 5

Comforts from the Cross day 6

Here is the week 6 guide, along with a dating sermon by Pastor J.D., to go along with the sermon on the weekend of May 16-17:

From the Beginning, part 6

Here is the week 7 guide, for Memorial Day weekend alongside the sermons on James 4:

From the Beginning, part 7

Here is the week 8 guide, for the sermon on friendship the weekend of May 30-31:

From the Beginning, part 8