“Whole Story” Series: Genesis Small Group Guides

January 23, 2016 // Guides

Summit Church is several weeks into reading and studying Genesis as part of the “Whole Story” series. We’ll add the Small Group guides from every week here on this post for your reference and convenience. The sermons will continue in Genesis through February, but the personal reading lists will turn to Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Job, and the rest of the Pentateuch. There will be 7 total small group guides on Genesis, as small groups will tie closely to the sermons. Here are the guides:

Study #1 from Genesis 1 and 2, we looked at God’s original design for humanity and creation. We were created in God’s image, and he cares for us intimately:  TWS-MG Jan 10.

Study #2 from Genesis 3, we studied the Fall of humanity and the cursed world in which we now live. The Fall has tainted everything about our lives, but even in that worst of moments God promised hope: TWS-MG Jan17.

Study #3 from Genesis 8-9, we saw what happened after the flood. God judged the world, saved a family, and made a covenant with that family and all of creation. However, the virus that led us to the Fall and the judgment of God still lives in mankind: TWS-MG Jan 24.

Study #5 comes from Genesis 16. We see that God fulfills his promise in his own time and in his perfect ways. Abraham attempts to fulfill the promise in his own way and creates conflict with Sarai and Hagar. Yet as always God has mercy: TWS-MG Feb 14

Study #6 comes from Genesis 11. God, with judgment AND mercy, makes sure that we do not build towers to our own accomplishments, but that we work towards God’s glory: TWS-MG Feb 21

Study #7 comes from Genesis 28-30. We see that God continues the promises to Abraham’s line … through a dysfunctional and sinful family. Jacob, Rachel, and Leah get off to an odd start, and Leah learns to look for the Lord’s favor instead of her husband: TWS-MG Feb 28

Study #8 Takes a look a the life of Joseph, a character who gets more space in Genesis than any other human. We see what it means for God to truly be with someone, his amazing ability to provide, and the amazing plans he uses to preserve his people: TWS-MG Mar 6