Broken Saviors Series & Book of Judges Resources

March 20, 2015 // Guides

This is your one stop-shop for all supplemental materials that we here at The Summit Institute will be providing throughout the series. Summit staff, Southeastern professors, TSI interns, and Summit members have joined forces to enhance your study through Judges.  Topics such as “Holy War”, race, gender, and so forth are added below in addition to the small group guide, an overview of the book on video, and a supplemental guide to week 3.

Here is a PDF of the Broken Saviors small group guide, along with a supplemental guide for week 3: Broken Saviors Session 3 supplement, to match the extra week on Gideon from the sermon series.  And here is Broken Saviors 6 supplement, which serves as the introduction to the Samson series.

Dr. Heath Thomas, an Old Testament professor at SEBTS, provided an article and a video that you can find here:  “Holy War.”

Dr. Tracy MacKenzie, another OT professor at SEBTS, provided this video overview of how Judges fits into the framework of the Hebrew Scriptures:  Overview of Judges.

Summit Pastors Chris Green and Chris Pappalardo combined for this article on Race in Judges.

Chase Campbell, Summit Member, adds this piece on God and Karma. It’s an examination of how justice actually works in God’s world.  It goes perfectly with session 4 on Gideon and Abimelech.

Mary Beth Martin, Summit Member, takes a look at how Women in Judges are portrayed and comes to some strong conclusions.  This article will be helpful at anytime in the book to understand the overall theme of how God views women in an age of concubines and patriarchy.

Be on the lookout for more in the next few weeks!