“Broken Saviors” Series: Small Group Guides

February 6, 2015 // Guides

In February and March of 2015 (and beyond), The Summit Church will be preaching and studying through the book of Judges. The TSI team has put together a small group and personal study guide that captures the essence and themes of Judges.

The series is called “Broken Saviors” for two reasons:  1) The recurring cycle of the book shows the Israelites falling back into several different kinds of idolatry.  Nothing that they turn to replace God in their lives proves satisfying; not greed, power, personal desire, self-righteousness, and so on.  2) God raises up leaders to rescue the tribes of Israel from conquering neighbors.  But these saviors prove to be flayed and broken individuals in their own right … and much of their brokenness ends up having disastrous effects on the people of Israel.  Both the leaders and the false idols are the Broken Saviors highlighted in this book.

What is striking about the book of Judges is just how much insight the author gives into the brokenness of the human condition. Each form of idolatry leads to very different paths of destruction in the lives of the individuals that give into spiritual compromise. The people in Judges devolve into a relativistic morality, but despite the individualism in such an approach, Judges shows how much this approach affects society at large.

Thus, there are two major application steps for those of you leading or studying through Judges:  1)  there will be direct and easy parallels to the human condition and how it responds in any relativist culture; 2) when confronted with the content barrage of brokenness in the book, compare this to how life in Jesus will be different as he heals us of our individual and societal brokenness.  Enjoy the Guide!

judges sg book 1a-2