“Praying In Crisis” Sermon and Small Group Guide

June 9, 2015 // Guides

This past weekend at the Summit Church, Pastor Chris Gaynor shared a message with us about praying like Jesus in times of crisis. Pastor Chris walked us through Jesus’ prayer to the Father at Gethsemane, and showed us how this prayer serves as an example for us as we seek God in difficult times. The video of this message is available here for your viewing.

Praying in Crisis: Mark 14:32-36

A small group study guide has also been created for further study and reflection on the topic of prayer in both Old and New Testament Scriptures. This guide is excellent for personal study as well as for stimulating discussion in your small groups.

Jeremiah 29- sg guide

As part of our collective commitment to fulfilling the scriptural teaching on prayer the Summit Church is also engaging in an initiative called 30 Days of Prayer. After listening to this message and working through the study guide we hope that you will join us is praying with us every day this month. More information on the 30 days of prayer can be found in the following link.

30 Days of Prayer