“Ruth” Series: Small Group Guide

April 12, 2016 // Guides

TSI and the Summit Small Groups Team wrote the following guide to studying Ruth. The PDF is below, broken into sections for ease of use. You can download the whole PDF below.


Introduction: Ruth-SG-intro, including themes, characters, and context.

Chapter 1: Ruth-SG-1 study

Chapter 2: Ruth-SG-2 study

Chapter 3: Ruth-SG-3 study

Chapter 4: Ruth-SG-4 study

Articles cover important topics that come up throughout the book:

This first article, Ruth-SG-1-A, gives a great introduction to how to read and get meaning out of an Old Testament narrative.

Article 2, Ruth-SG-2-A, points out the close relationship between Ruth and Proverbs 31 and talks about what the Bible promotes in a feminine ideal. This article will likely surprise you!

Article 3, Ruth-SG-3-A, takes a close look at Naomi and Ruth, their faith, and their wisdom.

Article 4, Ruth-SG-4-A, connects Ruth to the New Testament genealogies of Jesus Christ. Spoiler alert: Ruth and some other interesting characters find their way into Jesus’ lineage.

Here is the whole PDF: Ruth-SG.