The Difficult Sayings of Jesus: Small Group Guide (Part 5)

May 15, 2014 // Guides

This post offers a study guide to go along with the sermon preached at The Summit Church on the weekend of May 17th/18th 2014. The sermon discusses some of the difficult sayings that Jesus makes about the 2nd Coming. Why didn’t he know the day or the hour?  Can we know when the end times will start?  Did the Apostles think that Jesus was coming in their lifetime?  The guide and the sermon will touch on all these topics from Mark 13 and 2 Peter 3.

One resource that can help is a talk that is happening on Tuesday night, May 20th.  Dr. Jamie Dew from a local seminary is teaching on “God, Miracles, and the After Life:  explaining the unexplained.”  Click here for more details and to RSVP.  The talk will fit well with the last two sermons and guides.

Here is the guide:  Difficult Sayings of Jesus part 5-study guide