Whole Story Resources: Ecclesiastes and beyond.

February 1, 2016 // Guides

We are now on book 2 of the Whole Story Project here at the Summit. We will be getting between 8-10 sermons on Genesis, but if you need more direction on understanding Genesis, here are some thoughts. As we move into other books, we at TSI will be providing interpretive helps, summaries, overviews, and even some videos for every book of the Bible. If you only have 3 minutes, here is a video introduction to Ecclesiastes:

The Whole Story: Book by Book | Ecclesiastes from The Sam James Institute on Vimeo.

Here is a two-page Ecclesiastes Overview with advice for reading, themes, and structure laid out for you. We used the following resources that we would also recommend to you, if you want to dive deeper into the murky depths of Ecclesiastes:

Five Festal Garments, by Barry Webb, has about 30 pages of solid interpretation on Ecclesiastes, along with a few other books of the Bible.

These two resources help make the connection to the gospel from Ecclesiastes (something Paul did in Romans1-3 and 8 long before these guys). This one is pastoral and more accessible, by Philip Ryken. This one is highly technical, a great tool for pastors and Bible study leaders, by Sydney Greidanus.

If you can only purchase one resource to help you with all the books of the Bible coming up, here are some options:

John Sailhamer gives one page commentary on every book of the Bible.

Exegetical experts Fee and Stuart give 3-4 very helpful pages on every book of the Bible.

These two study Bibles have clear and gospel-centered introductions, the Global and the Gospel Transformation study Bibles, in 1-2 pages at the beginning of every Bible book. Or just keep up with us at SJI, where we will post resources at the beginning of every Bible book!