Whole Story Resources: Esther

July 8, 2016 // Guides

This week in the Whole Story Reading Plan, we have been reading about the Jews after the time of the Exile (known as some of the “post-exilic” books). Ezra and Nehemiah showed us what was happening in Jerusalem as some of the Jews returned to rebuild their broken city. However, so many Jews remained in Exile, whether by choice or by circumstance. Books like Esther and Daniel give us a glimpse into what their life and struggles were like, and how to be godly in a “pagan” culture.

Here is a 2 page overview of Esther to help you as you read:  The Whole Story, Esther. This was written by TSI contributor Brittany Darst. She works in the PR department at UNC. You can follow her on twitter @brittany_darst. She has also been helping to tweet about the Whole Story Reading Plan throughout the year.

Also, our friends at the Bible Project have added this video about Esther: