Whole Story Resources: Small Group Guides (Exodus and Leviticus)

March 13, 2016 // Guides

March 13th marked the start of a new Bible book in our Whole Story series: Exodus. As you are studying through Exodus, click here to see some videos and get an overview of Exodus called:  The Whole Story, Exodus. Relevant to the week one study, consider this quote from Old Testament Theologian Paul House:

“For Israel to worship any other god is to worship emptiness, void, nothingness. Therefore whatever measures Yahweh takes to help the Israelites or anyone else to worship the God described in the canon amount to mercy. Worshiping idols is a waste of time at best. At worst it is an insult to the one real God and a form of intellectual and spiritual self-abuse.”2

The Small Group Guide for the March 13th sermon is TWS-MG March 13. This guide covers the story of the Passover. It continues the theme of how mercy is found in the midst of God’s justice. We also examine how the Passover became central to the Israelites’ identity.

The Small Group Guide for the March 20th sermon is TWS-MG March 20. This guide covers the ceremony called “The Day of Atonement.” We see how Leviticus and the Law apply to us as Christians today and we gain a deeper understanding of what Christ accomplished in saving us.