Roundtable Discussion: Racial Diversity in the Church (Video)

March 17, 2014 // Video Interviews & Discussions

We asked a few women to sit down with Veronica Greear last week to talk about diversity in the body of Christ. This is a timely discussion and an important value for The Summit Church.

The women featured alongside Veronica in the video below are:

Jessica Stevens

African-American mother of two boys and one girl, Jessica is originally from Philadelphia and works as a property manager in the Triangle. She has been at the Summit for 3 years.

Tiffany Oettinger

Second generation Chinese, Tiffany was born in Toronto moving to Hong Kong when she was 12 where she became a third-culture kid. She has lived in the United States since she was 16 years old. Tiffany is married to Matt, a Caucasian American and they have an adopted daughter, Zoe, from Ethiopia. Matt and Tiffany help lead the orphan care ministry at the Summit.

Cheryl Hunter 

A successful business woman, Cheryl is a divorced working mother of four children. Cheryl has three adopted Asian children and one biological child. Cheryl adopted her first child when she was 25 years old and adopted her last child at 58.

We hope you enjoy this lively and open discussion!